1. Q. How long before the wedding should I book my cake?
    A. Booking is always subject to availability (we advise at least 6-9 months in advance). However, we do find as the summer months and Bank holidays are the busiest 9-12 months notice is required. All wedding cakes are individually designed and created; therefore, we never overbook our work. This enables us to devote the care and attention to each order to produce cakes of outstanding quality. A deposit secures your date and the design of your cake can be completed at this time or nearer to your wedding date, if you wish.
  2. Q. Can I mix the flavours of the cakes?
    A. Yes, of course. When the style of the cake has been chosen, we will advise you on the flavours for the cake i.e. a stacked cake can have 12″ fruit, 10″chocolate biscuit, 8″carrot, 6″madeira.
  3. Q. When are your appointment times?
    A. We generally keep appointments to the start of the week, we do offer evening appointments to accommodate people at work, but day time appointments are also available. Please call in advance to arrange a time.
  4. Q. Can I book via the internet?
    A. Yes, please e-mail first to check if your wedding date is available.  If there is a design of wedding cake that you like, quote the name of the cake when ordering, alternatively scan an image of a cake you like and Sinead e-mail you with all the relevant information.
  5. Q. Can I have fresh flowers on my cake to match my bouquet?
    A. Yes, certain designs lend themselves perfectly to this. We will liaise with your florist to ensure the fresh flowers will be suitable for your cake.
  6. Q. What if I am not local to you and would like to order a cake?
    A. Please call or e-mail and arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements and location.
  7. Q. What if I have my own idea for a design?
    A. That is no problem, our “Empire State Building” design was originally designed by the Bride. I was supplied with a beautiful sketch and asked to reproduce it.
  8. Q. I would like to keep the top tier, is this possible?
    A. Yes, if the top tier was made from our traditional fruit recipe, then the cake will keep (provided the cake is stored in the right conditions) for up to one year.
  9. Q. How long will my cake keep after the wedding?
    A. If a tier is on its own board and has not been cut, Chocolate – up to 5 days, Sponge – 5 – 7 days and Fruit – up to one year. However, if a cake has been cut then we advise you to eat it quite quickly. To keep fruit cake please ask Sinead or Kathleen for advice on how best to store your cake.
  10. Q. When should we cut the cake?
    A. Traditionally, the ritual of cutting the cake is at the end of the meal. However the cake is served later in the evening during a break for tea and sandwiches.